Девушки в тренажерном зале

«Нет на свете прекрасней одёжи, чем бронза мускулов и свежесть кожи» - говорил В. Маяковский. Многие девушки занимаются спортом и хотят в тренажерный зал даже чаще мужчин. Как выгладят девушки, которые качаются?
Девушки, качающие попу, пресс, бицепс и другие мышцы. Железные девушки. Только не говори, что у тебя не приподнялось настроение и девушки качки тебе не нравятся.

Девушки в тренажерном зале

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Yes I have been MIA from the gym for a good month. Just needed some time off to recooperate and find balance in this fitness journey of mine. It's just being human. Sure I get unmotivated and have bad days. But the most important thing is to keep going and trying your best day in and day out. Being a competitor and going to the gym there is no balance. Will I ever compete again, sure, but as of right now I am focusing on finding balance in the gym and nutrition. I'm not gonna lie it's extremely hard finding that balance after doing so many shows. 33 to date. So taking it one day at a time. No set schedule or MUST GO TO THE GYM OR ELSE IM A FAILURE MENTALITY. But more about overall health - physically and mentally. As a competitor, and most competitors know, there is no balance and mental balance and health is neglected in the sport of bodybuilding which often leads to severe depression and anxiety as side effects from steroids or the pressure of being extremely shredded or trying to meet the perfect physique requirements that frankly don't exist. I got burnt out and now I'm trying to rekindle the fire in why I actually started this whole fitness journey in the first place and it was to be my best self. It wasn't about being harder or leaner or having bigger boobs to one up the next girl to me and it still isn't. Frankly that's what the bikini division has become and it's a nasty place where it use to be a fun and positive environment. All the side effects that people don't talk about are horrific and saddening. Just remember your roots and why you started. NEVER GO WITH THE CROWD AND BE THE SAME ALWAYS BE YOU! - #FindingMyBlance #LifeTimeNatural #Nofilter

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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. #flexfriday

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Mind ✨ Body ⯑⯑ Spirit ⯑ @pelotoncycle I'm back today. Let's grind.

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Не нужно притягивать за уши то,чего нет и не будет ,и додумывать несуществующие качества

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After a leg day I dont really like to show.my face on Insta T_T После дня ног...

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Photographer be like"ok now show some power " Legs?:3 I love you guys.for reeeeal In the photo I'm wearing my waist corset .

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Девушки в тренажерном зале
Есть симпатичные
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Девушки в тренажерном зале
Последняя девушка. Ноги и жопа огонь!!
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