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Симпатичные фитнесняшки, спортсменки и обычные девчонки, увлекающиеся спортом. Самое красивое и сексуальное тело у тех, кто занимается спортом. С этим сложно не согласиться.

Зацени красотку здорового спортивного тела. Как они тебе?

Фитнес-няшки инстаграм


Ok it's time to get this DONE! @1upnutrition swag on point ⯑⯑⯑ #1upnutrition ⯑⯑⯑

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Rise and grind⯑⯑ Monday's are a fresh start, set small goals throughout the week! Make sure to follow my snapchat hopebeel

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Annnnd 3 weeks of travel ⯑⯑ later we back where we started again ⯑ The last 2 years of my life have been a little crazy..big big changes, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. #growthgamestrong ⯑⯑ I've been on a personal journey of self discovery- which has led me travelling travelling travelling a whole lot. ✈️⯑ For me there's nothing like being in a new country, experiencing new cultures and exposed to new opportunities to really broaden the mind and find a fresh perspective on things. ⚡️ Been in some crazy situations, met some amazing and less amazing people, experienced massive highs and extreme lows and everything in between and here we are, 2 years on, finally ready to re-settle in Singapore and put down roots. ⯑⯑⯑ My fitness journey, similarly, has been through a roller coaster of changes and stop starts. But I'm finally back and ready to start a fresh, set new goals and smash them ⯑⯑⯑ So you can consider this my "before" shot ⯑ #holdingmyselfaccountable #watchthisspace ⯑

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My LA girls

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#mondaymotivation Either you run the day or the day runs you.⯑⯑

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There was no better way to spend my last day in Budva ⯑⯑

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If something makes you smile, do it, and do it as much as you can! Simple.. ⯑

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⯑ #snapchat // amandabisk

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To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift. -Pre

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Taking over Vegas with my ladies. ⯑⯑ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #WhatAreYouHereFor #ForFun #NoWeArentBodybuilders

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Slight over split ⯑ Having a little stretch between classes here at @theburrowlife ⯑ #wereallmadhere

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Heading to #LA next week for 11 days. So excited...counting down the hours ⯑⯑☀️⯑⯑

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Hoje o treino foi na praia com a gata da @aline_riscado ⯑ Ameeei !!! #funcionaltraining #Rio Snapchat view first AliceMatoss ⯑

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❤️❤️❤️ by @leelhgfx

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Sunday pool play in @dollswimwear ⯑⯑ seriously the cutest little bikini ever ⯑ #tanning #sundayfunday #balance

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Got some super duper good news today! Gonna announce it tomorrow! ⯑⯑⯑⯑⯑⯑⯑⯑ . Guess what it will be!!

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Follow me @supeapp username: JuliaGilas ⯑ Everyday new pic & videos, also we can chat there. ⯑

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If you're gonna rise, you might as well shine... ⯑⯑⯑ Photo: @5twenty1photography MUAH: @lilmissmegsmakeup #fitness #fitspo #abs #girlswholift

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❤️❤️❤️ Pronto en Medellin con @JoystazJeans⯑ ✔️27 Julio 3pm-6pm #Colombiamoda2016 ✔️Plaza mayor, Stand c04, Plazoleta principal

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Beautiful morning ⯑ #getafterit #HBFIT #pilates

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1st look of many.. Live behind the scenes on my snapchat now ( ValeriaOrsini1 )

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When the first thing you think about when you wake up is what you wanna do at the gym, you know you've missed it. I never want workouts or food be something that makes me feel bad or gets me anxiety. If I don't feel like being at the gym everyday I don't. During the summer I try to relax more since I don't get a vacation as normal people, this is my time to recharge. I just enjoy my time, hit the gym when I feel like it, eat whatever I want and living a little less healthy life. This makes me so motivated to get back and give 110% after the summer. I don't feel stressed at all about it, I know I'll get back and I think it's important to have balance in your life and being able to enjoy all sides of it. Until then, I'm just gonna enjoy my pancakes and get to the gyms on days like this one ⯑⯑

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My yoga teacher is the hottest ⯑ @yogawithyessie in mermaid pose ☀️⯑ #yoga #fitness #health #peach #yogaeverywhere

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[Read Below ] Anything you try at first will be a challenge, but we evolve and we get better. We never lose, either we win, or we learn. When you were born, you weren't able to walk. You had to learn how to crawl, before you learned how to walk, it's about progression. Same concept goes with learning how to learn a new lifestyle. You will make many mistakes along your path, but those mistakes will help you learn. These hiccups are what help you progress day in and day out. There is so much truth in the saying that "rushing things, ruin things", so learn how to appreciate the process and let things progress naturally. This isn't a race. This is you vs you. Forget the mentality of "who is stronger, faster, better, or more capable than you.". Time spent looking at someone else's journey , will only discourage you and deter you from your one and only goal; being a better you. You can't compare your situation with anyone else's. There are so many variables that can influence progress but hard work is an undeniable trait than only those who want to succeed strive for. If it has been done before, you know you're more than capable of achieving it. So let's go on this journey knowing that it is a new chapter and we are the writers of our own destiny. Www.MassyArias.Com #ma30day #mawarrior #childofGod _____________________________________________________________Todo lo que se intenta por 1ra vez será un reto. Nunca perdemos, o ganamos, o aprendemos. Cuando naciste no eras capaz de caminar, 1ro aprendiste a gatear. El mismo concepto se aplica al aprender a vivir un nuevo estilo de vida. Esto no es una carrera. Olvidate de quién es más fuerte, más rápido, mejor, o más capaz que tú. El tiempo dedicado a mirar el viaje de otra persona, sólo te desalentara y te impidiera de alcanzar tu objetivo; ser una mejor versión de ti mismo. No te compares con nadie. Hay muchas variables que pueden influir en el progreso de cada persona. Ser consistente un rasgo innegable que sólo aquellos que quieren tener éxito se esfuerzan a alcanzar sus metas. Así que vamos a ir en este viaje sabiendo que es un capítulo nuevo y somos los escritores de nuestro propio destino. #Hijadecristo

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#yacuzzi #Hawaii #Maui ⯑⯑

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Thank you @fittea and planks for helping me keep my abs on point⯑⯑⯑☺️

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⯑☀️ #puertoricanqueen #bodygoals #motivacion

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Just being ridiculous ⯑⯑⯑❤️ At home chillin', working/writing = #NoPants @pixel_panties and wrinkled shirt, just getting caught up post #SDCC @sandiegocomicconinternational ! It was the BEST BEST time! Hung out with @marvel @gopro @hoopla @heruniverse - it was the most incredibly insane SDCC I have ever had y'all - thank you! I'm spending this week getting through emails, resting, gymming ⯑⯑, gaming ⯑...and perusing titles on @hoopla! Have you all seen the @hoopla app yet??? I mentioned it first on my "TAKI" post a few days ago... Giving them more love - Even though I am personally a "comic book crazy" - on the app there are also hundreds of thousands of movies, full music albums, audiobooks - I could go on and on. I use my library card to "borrow" what I want and BOOM. On my stepmill I'm cool. Only thing is...it makes being lazy in my jammies way too easy lol! Visit the @hoopla app and let me know what you think, mkay? Back to interviews and writing fitness stuffs!! #BeHere2BeThere #hoopla #app #ios #android #fitness #aliciamarie #cosplay #ad #nerd #marvel #storm #fitfam #sdcc #comicbooks

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In Russia today Easter. ⛪️ Similar to the Easter Bunny?

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Hold...hold on...hold onto me. ...cause I'm a little unsteady. photo: @5twenty1photography hair|mua: @lilmissmegsmakeup

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#MotivationMonday ⯑⯑⯑ TAG SOMEONE YOU WANT TO MOTIVATE Follow me on snapchat - username PHFIT

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Studio ⯑ with @cwphoto84 Link in bio ⯑

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