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Нет красивее одежды и украшения, чем красота здорового тела. Самые спортивные, подтянутые, накачанные и сексуальные девушки мира. Фитнес-няшки, которые имеют самые грешные тела.
Жизнь - это борьба с нашим вечным стремлением спрятать голову в песок, успокоиться и сложить руки. Если ваша цель - минимум движений, то позвольте лени взять бразды правления в свои руки. Если же вы стремитесь к росту, к развитию, каждое утро будьте готовы встретить новый день, где нет места сну и лени". Генри Форд

Фитнес-няшки инстаграм


Good morning guys

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Thailand. Snapchat saw it first. Follow me there ALICEMATOSS

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If you’re still looking for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror. @bringsportswear

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#stepbystep Bulgaria #beauty ⯑⯑ ➕ ATHENA GEOmetric legging – White/Grey ➰www.engineered-life.com @bodyengineersofficial

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1Piece and a Snapback game ⯑ . #BootyProgram ⯑ anllela_sagra ⯑ AnllelaSagra.Net . .

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Home sweet home ⯑ snapchat: katyhearn

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Holy motivation Monday ⯑⯑⯑ I always creep on her when I'm feeling unmotivated, you're welcome. She is where it's attttt @yarishna

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Photoshoot time for @heavyweightfactorymodels • This is gonna be a hawtttt one ⯑⯑ Makeup by @jerraleefierce

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Quadzilla!⯑ - My clean bulk shred I'd say is going well!⯑ - - Where my girls at the love muscle!?⯑

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Happy first day of June! Congratulations on your completion of the #JenSelterChallenge! YOU DID IT!  It takes 22 days to break or make a habit – you’ve exceeded that number, and now I challenge you to keep it. The challenge was designed to make you feel great – to give you an opportunity to get up, get out and get going! I hope each and every one of you are feeling better than ever.  Whatever your goal was going into this challenge, I sincerely hope you saw progress and you should take pride in your accomplishments! If you found this challenge to be helpful, I encourage you to restart the challenge and compare your best scores/times to see the progress you make. It’s amazing when you can see (and feel) the difference. That’s motivation in itself. But don’t stop there!  A healthy body takes time and effort.  Results are possible through effective workouts and healthy choices in the kitchen. Exercising is linked to many health benefits and should be made a priority. GIVE YOURSELF A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR MAKING HEALTH A PRIORITY THESE LAST 30 DAYS! I’ll still be checking the #JenSelterChallenge tag to see all of your continued progress and support you as you continue to reach your goals. Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, find inspiration around you; I hope this challenge gave you the opportunity to find inspiration in others, just like I find inspiration in you. ❤️ Thank you for participating, I’m your #1 fan and you can look forward to more challenges in the future! In the meantime – keep moving! PS: the giveaways aren't over yet ⯑

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#PuertoRicanQueen #TeamNutrex #fitfam #motivation #summer #lipo6black #lipo6rx #nutrexresearch⯑⯑

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#goodmorning ⯑⯑⯑ Shape of today ⯑ . Morning clients are done, time for breakfast then off to the #gym ⯑ it's back day ⯑⯑

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Who are y'all picking to win the game? #goldenstate #curry #watchingthegamelike #thefinals @justinmartinphoto

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